Nonlinear Optics for Photonics and Information Technology Applications

The ease with which electrons can delocalize along π-conjugated chromophores upon application of an electro-magnetic field makes these compounds ideally suited for nonlinear optical (NLO) applications and their incorporation into photonic or electro-optic devices.

Our computational work seeks to establish structure-NLO property relationships and to design chromophores with outstanding nonlinear (second- and third-order response) optical properties.

Major efforts are currently devoted to the development of chromophores with high two-photon absorption cross-sections - that is, chromophores that present the ability to absorb two photons simultaneously. Working with our experimental collaborators, we characterize new π-conjugated systems for applications in biosensing and nanofabrication. Efforts are also underway to detail non-resonant third-order nonlinear optical effects of interest in all-optical signal processing and optical computing.

Research highlights:
  • Synthesis And Two-Photon Spectrum Of A Bis(Porphyrin)-Substituted Squaraine, Odom, SA; Webster, S; Padilha, LA; Peceli, D; Hu, H; Nootz, G; Chung, SJ; Ohira, S; Matichak, JD; Przhonska, OV; Kachkovski, AD; Barlow, S; Bredas, JL; Anderson, HL; Hagan, DJ; Van Stryland, EW; Marder, SR, Journal Of The American Chemical Society, 131, 7510 [2009]
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Recent papers on non-linear optics:
  • Porphyrin Dimers: A Theoretical Understanding Of The Impact Of Electronic Coupling Strength On The Two-Photon Absorption Properties, Ohira, S; Bredas, JL, Journal Of Materials Chemistry, 19, 7545-7550 [2009]
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