Fundamental Insight of Electron Transport in Organic Electronic Applications

To develop molecular and polymer organic semiconductors with high charge-carrier mobilities in the semiconducting or metallic regime, a major challenge and opportunity lies with understanding the inherent charge-transport mechanism. In the absence of chemical and physical defects, the nature of charge transport depends on a subtle interplay between electronic and electron-vibration interactions. A significant portion of our work centers on determining molecular and crystal electronic structures and evaluating electronic polarization effects in the solid state. Key experimental allies in these determinations are ultraviolet photoelectron spectroscopy (UPS, both gas phase and solid state) and inverse photoelectron spectroscopy (IPES). Such experimental techniques are essential in the study of how the discrete molecular electronic structures transform to band structures in the solid state, and provide essential information concerning energy level alignment at interfaces. Our simulations assist with the assignment of electron transport levels - identification of which is oftentimes not straightforward. Our computational efforts provide for: the determination of the electronic and vibrational structures obtained in gas-phase UPS; the simulation of spectra based on theoretical densities of states to help identify transport levels in UPS/IPES data; and a check of the quality of theoretical calculations through a direct comparison with experiment.

Our work on organic crystals also allows us to estimate the electronic couplings between neighboring molecules and evaluate the importance of electron-vibration (electron-phonon) interactions on the coupling. Combining these results with polarization effects is allowing us to begin to construct a complete picture of charge-carrier mobility in organic solids.

A more recent interest in the group has focused on the influence of molecular dopants. Molecular doping of organic semiconductors offers a way to improve charge injection, charge transport, and charge separation in organic (opto)electronic devices. Doping is also important in the formation of highly conductive polymers used as both transport/injection layers and electrodes. Our theoretical work: develops methodology to accurately describe intermolecular charge transfer; understands experimental signatures of doping such as IR frequency shifts; investigates the fundamental roles of the intermolecular energy level offset and electronic coupling in charge transfer; and investigates the charge transport mechanism in doped polymers.

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